Make a personal impact on the climate crisis today.

Discover and help fund innovative climate-focussed projects working in the places, and for the causes, that matter to you.

Our Mission

$1bn of crowdfunding every year from passionate people around the world to help finance initiatives, ideas and technologies tackling the climate emergency both locally and globally.

What is The Billion Dollar Planet Page?

Simplified funding for immediate climate action.

The BDPP is a crowdfunding platform for projects, ideas & technologies focused exclusively on positive environmental outcomes that help reduce or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

It is a personal mechanism to address our greatest collective challenge; minimising donor costs, maximising charitable dollars and allowing everyone to make a real impact in building a clean, equal and sustainable world.

Help fight climate change by supporting the causes you care about...

Air Quality

Agriculture, Land & Forestry


Clean Water

Community & Education

Construction & Home

Consumer Goods

Ocean & Marine

Nutrition & Health

Renewable Energy

Transport & Mobility

Waste & Recycling the regions that matter to you.

Innovation from all around the planet

Where in the world means a lot to you? Your local community, a favourite holiday destination, somewhere you have family connections?

Our interactive map-powered platform helps you discover projects to support all over the globe, providing an incredible overview of how the global community is stepping up to the climate challenge.

"We are running out of time, we must have a planetary solution to a planetary crisis."

Al Gore

Why is this needed?

• Despite the headlines and harrowing images, climate action from governments and big business seems painfully slow.

• The 2015 Paris Agreement pledged to keep the increase in global average temperature to 2℃ above pre-industrial levels, ideally limiting it to 1.5℃. We passed 1℃ in 2018, and without intervention our current greenhouse gas emissions will result in a projected increase of 3.2℃ by 2100.

Why do these relatively small temperature increases matter? Extreme weather patterns, food & water shortages, sea level rise and irreversible biodiversity loss - NASA here detailing the vast life-changing impacts for us all.

The solution? To spark an unparalleled period of exciting global innovation to reduce the 53.5 Gigatonnes of GHG’s emitted each year down to ‘net-zero’.

The BDPP aims to be the ultimate example of people power; side-stepping slow legislation, breaking down borders and establishing generosity and community as the essential mechanisms for building a clean and stable environment.

Together we can facilitate the funds to finance our collective future.

How are our projects assessed?

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, researcher, or passionate environmentalist with a plan, we want to help you realise your ambition. We just ask that all projects meet our criteria in order to qualify for BDPP funding:

The project’s fundamental goal is a specified environmental outcome.

The project is addressing one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The project must provide measurement around their impact and be open to third party auditing from a verification body.

Time to kick-start the climate fight

Whether you’re passionate about the climate emergency and keen to contribute or you have a great idea that needs funding, please register now for the latest updates on the BDPP's launch.

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